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Radeon card installation failure

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I'm trying to get two monitors up and running, so I have replaced a GeForce4 video card with a Radeon 9250 with two video ports. I have uninstalled the GeForce4 drivers, but I am getting errors when trying to install the drivers for the Radeon card. I have used the files from both the included CD and also the Internet download.

The error that results from the installation wizard is:
"Cannot install this hardware"
"There was a problem installing this hardware"
"Radeon 9250" (or "Radeon 9250 Secondary" - presumably for the second port)
"An error occurred"
"The parameter is incorrect" (!)

Any solutions?
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Dont know much about video cards, but you could try checking your bios if you have vga palette snoop enabled, usually thats for most older cards that have color problems or errors, so make sure that is disabled.

Also check your motherboard specifications/bios for agp/pci shared slots.

Are you booting off the card?
Are you running your screen off the card, as In you have no other video on your motherboard, and you are using the card to connect your monitor.
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