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Questions about Reverse phone number lookup (Cell Phone)

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Does anyone know a reliable and legitimate reverse number service that can find out the name of a person (Phone owner) that has called and/or sent a text from a cell or mobile phone ? All of the free ones I found will not give a name unless you pay them.

I don't mind paying a small one time fee, but I do not want to get into monthly recurring billing, and I do not want to give my credit card number to a company that is not trustworthy or a website that is not reasonably secure. There seem to be a lot of these types of sites out there but something tells me to be careful giving a credit card number to these types of companies / sites. is one that I found that looks as good as any. The has this service, but there does not seem to be an option to just pay a one-time fee. There is also which I have seen online for some time now.

I would appreciate any advice or feedback, especially if you have used a service like this before.

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I receive phone calls all the time from an area code/phone number that I don't recognize.
If I want to find out who/where it originated from, I do a Google search for that 10-digit number.
In most cases, it gives me the information that I need.

I definitely would not make a credit card purchase for one of those on-line services.

Hi Frank,

I've done the google search as well, but it does not give me a name.
Personally, I would just ignore those phone calls and text messages from unknown sources.

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