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Question regarding link...

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In my profile I wanted to put my Linkin Park Forums, but the forums blanks out part of the web address: http://s4.************.com/EJ_Online_LP_Site/index.php?
^see, the part it blanks out is ************ or since that got blocked out was i-n-v-i-s-i-o-n-f-r-e-e (minus the -). Why?
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Mike has certain websites blocked out...obviously that's one of them! ;)
Darn!! <tear> lol Oh well, I'll get a free URL forwarding or something.
URL forwarding would be fine -- we just have a handful of URLs blocked as we've been spammed over and over by them. As long as you play by the rules (and signature links are OK), you're welcome to put that forwarder there. :)
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