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Question on Spyware

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A few weeks ago I installed "Ad-Aware" and then "Spy-Bot" on my computer in an attempt to cut down on junk e-mail, pop-up ads and just general privacy. I have not noticed any great reduction in the amount of e-mail or pop-up ads as yet. Could it be that once you've clicked on an ad, accessed a URL or opened an e-mail you are forever doomed to receive pop-ups and e-mails from that source and if this is true what good is "Spy-Bot" and other such applications? Just how do these tracker applications work? I am so sick of the ads for on-line casinos, Orbitz and other travel ads, male organ enhancers, dating services etc, etc.

Another question on e-mail: Is it a good idea or bad idea to click the unsubcribe box on an unwanted e-mail source?

Thanks much,
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Will not give you too much to try at once .

Here is browser that stops pop up's & a program that lets you look at your email before you download . ( make sure you set your email client at 0 mins for checking )

myIE Web Browser ( not Nemesis MyIE ) from ,
Cancel the Chinese to English download box , it's now in English .
MailWasher is a powerful email checker with effective spam
elimination . Discover the safe way to stop unwanted viruses and
emails before they get to your computer .
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Thanks Jmatt for the reply and the considerable time you spent putting the list of URLs together but I really don't want to install anymore applications since I have already installed "Spy-Bot" and "Ad-Aware" and I have a great anti-virus program. Neither do I need a program that tells me the contents of an e-mail when the subject line reads "Increase Your Bust Size By 2 Cups in 30 Days".

I just want to know how spyware and tracking applications work. Once you access such a program by accident or intentionally will you for evermore receive pop-ups and e-mails from that source. Spy-Bot and Ad-Aware finds and eliminates the cookies these programs drop on you but it seems to me that the e-mails and such continue anyway. If the first time you accessed for example a travel site did they grab your e-mail address and can now continue to flood you with travel ads and pop-ups? If this is the case what good is it to install programs like Spy-Bot etc. once they have grabbed your identity?

Thanks again for your interest.

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Adaware and Spybot are not going to stop "Spam" or unsolicited e-mail advertisements. Once your e-mail address is known, it is traded and sold to mass e-mail artists affectionately known as spammers. Solution, change your e-mail address to one unknown to the spammers, or run a program to filter and clean your e-mail. The task that Adaware and spybot do, and in the case of spybot do very well, is to remove unwanted programs parasites and cookies that attach themselves to your computer as you surf the web. These programs can slow your computer to a crawl, report on everything you type, and target unwanted advertisements at you as you browse.
They can't stop spam.
The "Popup" issue is slightly different. I suspect you are talking about items of spam, recieved through your e-mail. Popups normally refers to unwanted extra browser pages that appear as you surf the web. They are usually initiated by the site you are visiting at the time, and there are two ways of dealing with them. Some browsers, such as Opera, may be set to refuse to display pop-ups. Programs can be run in conjunction with your browser to achieve the same thing. Spybot will not stop that sort of popup if you visit a site that uses one. It will however clean out programs that attach themselves to your computer and cause popups even if you do NOT visit a site with popup ads.
A good policy is to open a special e-mail address just to give out to sites. If you get too much spam, close the address. Personally I have two hotmail addresses. One for spam, one private, and thus far un-spammed. I have three addresses with my ISP, two untouched.
I hope this info answers your question.
Almost forgot your last question. The "unsubscribe" option may work.
You may receive no more unwanted e-mails from that source, BUT some spammers then transfer your e-mail address to a "Premium" list that they sell to other spammers as a "Genuine confirmed human on the end of this address". You take your chances.
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Spam, pop-ups, and spyware are only going to get worse as more and more people use the Internet.

Run SpyBot on a regular basis and delete everything in red. And keep it updated(1.1.4 is the current version).

In Internet Explorer, click Tools - Internet Options - Privacy - Advanced. Check "Override automatic cookie handling", check "Accept first party cookies", check "Block third party cookies", and check "Always allow session cookies".

Frank's Windows 95/98 Tips :)
i am a relatively newbie, so i don't want to step on toes, but I use a great privacy tool, popup stopper (
that stops all pop ups unless you press the control key to let them come up.
has always done the trick for me
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