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Question about Ebay Sellers making the Big Dough!

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ok, I know about retail and buying bulk but here's a question I always have on my mind.

I seen auctions and dutch autions of sellers selling Newly Release movies for the amount that's cheaper than retail??

How they do that??? Where do they get these specials.... I'm not talking about regular movies becase I can get them cheap to resell but BRAND new unopen movies that just came out!!! WOW

But to sell a Brand New Release for cheap??
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Have you ever seen one or known anyone who purchased one of these videos? My first thought would be copycats,theft,something in that order. I do know a relative purchased a "brand new" release from one of the auction sights for her kids at a cheap price. I don't recall the title,one of the popular kids cartoons that originated in Japan.To make a long story short it was a poorly made pirated copy and was in Japanese!!!!

While we are on the subject of the auction houses,explain this.
My son wanted the new Microsoft Xbox for Christmas. They were selling for $150-200 over retail on the auction sites.All the information I could find on the internet said they were hard to come by and you would not be able to find one in the stores before January at the earliest. Well guess what,we had no trouble gettung one and they have been on the store shelves here for a couple weeks prior tp Christmas. Either there are alot of foolish people out there or the people trying to make a buck off of Christmas and supply and demand got burned sitting on those things.Maybe I will post a question asking about Xboxes.
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Hehe, we have a local "shopper" paper that
has both commercial advertisements and ads
by individuals of items for sale. Last week there
was an ad for an X-box (still in the original
package) for sale for $700+ (wife threw away
the paper, and I don't remember exactly how
much). I guess they were banking on a shortage
of 'em.

LOL, I wonder if they still have it.... :D
I bought my pc at uBid auction where it was sold by the manufacturer... so Im supposing the uBid co. got a percentage.

Supply & demand
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