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Query on Acronis backup

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Hi folks! I've just connected a Western Digital 2 TB External HDD to my Win10 Home PC and that comes with Acronis Backup software package that I have installed and is all working OK but ......just wondering about the actual backups it creates as per the pic attached?

Seems the original backup and as expected, was pretty big in data size but it is now doing its daily backup (4.00 am) with the size significently reducing and I assume that is for any changes made?

As a dumb question, do I keep each and every one of these backup files forever as they will obviously be hundreds of them over time or can I safely delete some of them but with 2 TB there will be plenty of room to keep them I guess!

Many thanks


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You essentially have 2 backup sets called b1 & b2. You can keep as many backups as you want as long as you have the space. That is your choice.
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However, for practical reasons you may have to limit how many backups you do before you start deleting old ones. If you start running out of space you can delete old backup sets manually. However, you can configure Acronis to do that automatically. There are two options to consider:
  • Create a full version after I incremental versions. In the example, I = 4
  • Delete version chains older that D days, In the example D = 60
In the example below
  • One backup set consists of 1 full backup file + 4 incremental files. After that a new backup set is started.
  • If there is not enough space left on the drive to do a backup, backups sets older than 60 days are automatically deleted
How many backup sets your drive will hold depends upon the size of the backup drive divided by the size of each backup set. For example, if each backup set is about 200GB then in theory a 2TB will hold about 10 of them. However, for practical reasons you should limit that to maybe 2-5 backup sets. That way you shouldn't have to worry about running out of space.

For me the biggest problem is figuring out how to configure this so the automatic deletion works without problem. I have to work on tweeking these settings because sometimes I am still forces to delete old backups manually.

Note the example is from my copy of Acronis True Image 2018

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