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QTranslation plugin problems on my site (WP).

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Hi Guys,
First of all, excuse my grammar. I am originally from Ukraine, English is my 3d language and I am a beginner in working with a site also, so please, be patient with me .

I am working on my project (business club–blog, on WP) which requires a translation only in one languages. I use QTranslate plugin, but it has a problem with updating WP to 4.0. I tried to update WP by myself, but the plugin made a lot of mess with blog posts and even pages in menu (The qTranslate Editor has disabled itself because it hasn't been tested with your Wordpress version yet) and made a lot of doubled pages (Google search) plus to this, I've lost a lot of contents after updating the plugin by myself. So...

I hired a programmer to make the site works correctly :
1. updating with solving translation problems on the site,
2. finding a good SEO plugin to make the site properly,
3. fixing errors on the site with adapting to different browsers. .
I has done already.
I realize it has to be done a lot more and I will do step by step.:)

May I ask you to help me understands if it's done correctly? I am confused, because don't see visual changing.
How much time it takes to do all this work and how much would it cost according what it has done on the site.

P.S. The programmer hasn't fixed the translation on the site ( QTranslate has problems with WP 4.0), but she said, I need to install WPML. I have read about this plugin, but I can't understand, if I need this multi language plugin with updating each years for almost $40 for my small, simple and one more language to translate site.
Hope you make it clear for me.
With my respect and thank you in advance.
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I have not used Qtranslate for some time but I am aware that on some forums others have mentioned issues.

The conversion to a responsive seems good to me, I may well have reverted to standard menu rather than responsive menu at lower screen resolution but that is a personal thing as I am not a great lover of the small responsive menus.

As to cost that is a lot more difficult not knowing exactly what is involved. Some people work for $10 an hour and some for $100 or more. The key thing is to get your site back working again at a price your are comfortable with.

It is also well worth getting a development version of your website created (easy to do in a sub directory on your hosting in a sub-domain with the Duplicator plugin) and then you can test Wordpress, plugin and theme updates to ensure they work properly before doing the updates to your live site.
Thank you so much for your advice , Collinsp.
Yes, I know others have complained about this plugin also. I am about to remove it from my site, but have to make the decision about another one to install. As I said, my programmer advised me this, but it looks like this plugin is too big for my site. Maybe there is something else for replacing QTranslation.. I don't mind to pay, just I want to pay for the right one for my site. That is why I want to know others's opinion about this WMPL plugin.
With respect
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