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Sorry to insult anyone, but it's been 15 years or better since I did any programming.
I just need a simple basic program to read a directory every 10 minutes and send me an email. I need to monitor a directory system and it's subdirectories, but it's on a PC that I dont have access to.

I can remember this much, but I know I dont have the syntax right. Anyone feel like helping? I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks!

ON TIMER(1) GOSUB TimeUpdate
StartTime = TIMER
WHILE TimePast < 600
TimePast = TIMER - StartTime
(I need a command shell here to execute: dir c:\mailboxes /s >monfile.txt)
(then a command to email the file)

OR, just a simple web page that says, enter your email address here, then executes the directory to text file and emails it. I can do it either way.
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