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I didn't even try looking in SEARCH because I'm not sure what to call what I'm trying to find out.

I also need it rather simple and easy to understand (if there's an answer)

I've heard that most new DVD players will show jpgs, like from a digital camera/computer. Burned on a cd. That they show on the tv screen, like a slide show?

I'd like to put jpgs on a cd to send to someone who just bought a dvd player (thus it's new- he's not sure about the jpg, he doesn't have a computer and doesn't understand that stuff). Anyway, I'd like to try, and if his new dvd player will show them we'll find out.

But, I want to make sure I get them on the cd correctly in the first place.

Now, I back up my digital photos, that are in folders, by burning them on a cd as DATA. When I put the cd in the cd-rom drive (after burning them) the folders come up and I have to click on each one to get the actual picture files to show.

I'm assuming that for playing on a dvd, the actual files would have to be burned on separately, and not in folders? Because with the dvd player, there's nothing to click on the folders with, to open them?

The folders I have are named with the date, but the jpgs inside have the numbers they came off the camera with. Like folder 2004-04-10 would have 40 or so pictures in it, 001, 002, 003, etc. Folder 2004-04-11 would have pictures 001, 002, etc, also.

If I open each folder when I'm burning the pictures (out of the folder) on the cd, after the first set, it's going to say there already is a 001, do you want to replace it? If I check NO, I don't think it will go on? Maybe it will, also?

Do I have to open all the folders first and name/rename them all something different in order to burn them all on one cd (not in folders)?

Along with this, I want to make sure I'm using the right format for showing on a dvd. Also, can I burn pictures on a CD-R for showing in a DVD? (Music burned on these can be played in a DVD like a CD player)

I'm using NTI CD maker Platinum 6, which has various settings, like DATA CD(which is what I use for backup/storage with the photo folders). It also has DATA DVD (I don't have a DVD player so never used this. I thought it was for use with different blank disks, like DVD disks?)

Under VIDEO it has Video CD, Slideshow VCD, Super VCD and Slideshow SVCD.

I guess my questions are, can I use a CD-R to put jpgs on that a dvd will play? And what setting do I use?

And, is there a way of putting them all on open (separate jpg) without having to rename them all different names? If I have to, I can go over them and add something else to the names like 001-1, etc.

I have an idea this is easier than I'm making it, and someone who knows about it can give me the answers and steps to take. But then, it might require special blanks and another software program (though NTI looks like it covers just about everything)

I don't have a dvd player (that shows jpgs) so I can't do it various ways and try them to see.


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