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putting in new memory

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I have 512mB of memory that I need to put into my computer (when I find out how to open it :))
Is it just a matter of putting the memory in the right slot or do I need to do anything else please??
the memory I have says
System 512MB 184-PINN DIMM 64x64 DDR PC3200 UNBUFF
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Just turn off and put your hand on the tower case to discharge your body of static electricity and then unplug the PC the side of the tower put your memory in and re-start your PC and it should be recognised.
Yep, very easy and makes all the difference in performance.

Let us know if you have any problems.
alwrmc I have adjusted my post slightly.

You SHOULD NOT unplug it.
You are not suggesting working on a PC that is plugged into the mains are you alwrmc
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