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In the near future as part of my upgrade, I might be looking for a new PSU.
At the moment I have a Macron 400W unit, which I have no problem with, as everything works fine.
I notice that Q-Tech PSU's are very cheap compared to say Enermax etc.
Anyone have opinions on make of PSU to buy ?
It is way down on my list of things to upgrade, as my current one seems to work fine, but I quite fancy getting a 400W plus job and would welcome your opinons.....:)
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Thanks zeddy and dustyjay.
I am in the process of upgrading, and have changed the mobo and gfx card, so I now have:
XP Pro.
XP1800 + Aero 7 lite
Abit NF7-S v2.0
2 x 256 'no-name' PC2100 DDR
Creative FX5900
Macron 400W psu
Lite-on cd-rw 52x32x52
cd-rom 32x
20GB Seagate 5400 hdd.

So on the list is the cpu, memory and hdd to be changed out.
The Macron seems pretty sturdy and weighs about a couple of kilos. The wiring seems capable, thick where needed, and plenty of connectors.
According to Abit EQ the voltages seem within spec.
But I may well bung in an Antec, Enermax etc but it is way down on the list.
Thanks for the pointers of what to look for when I do change it.
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No offence taken is on my list............:)
Am toying between an XP2800 Barton, or the XP3200............tis down to money.
If I settle for the 2800, then I shall probably get PC2700 memory, but if I can find enough change down the side of the chairs, then the 3200 will need PC3200 memory to match the fsb's.
As I say, I have started the upgrade with the mobo and gfx card.........the rest is to follow...........easy peasy........just need the money................:D
I hope to get one item per month, starting soon as I can talk the wife into believing it to be extremely important for our health, and well being..................:D
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