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PST file integrity util in Outlook

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Is the a pst integrity check util in outlook 98? The company I work for uses outlook 98 as their email. We use microsoft exchange server and we are having a problem with the outbox in an employees email acting as the sent items folder. Have checked everything that I know of and cannot find anything wrong. Thought it might be a corrupt pst file and would rather not create a new one unless I was sure. Thanks for your help.:confused:
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OL98: Replies to an E-mail from a Shared Team/Group Mailbox Appear in the Outbox

The above should sort out the Save in Outbox problem.

OL98: How to Find and Run the Inbox Repair Tool should answer your question about the reapair tool.
I will try the fix for the sent items outbox problem first thing. I have ran an inbox repair tool and it came up with nothing. Just wondered if maybe there were something else. Thanks for your help. I can't wait to see if this works!:D
Oh...and I am replying from my home. I set up two accounts. hense the reason behind the hhendrix and the Volgirl16. :)
(Without having read the article Randy provided:)

If you use MS Exchange server, sending an email should have nothing to do with personal folders.

You could try the following "standard" fixes:

1. Recreate the user's profile.
2. With Outlook closed, hit Start-->Run and type:

outlook.exe /regserver
What does this outlook.exe /regserver do? Just out of curiosity...
Tried recreating the pst file. Weird stuff happened...
First, I created a 2nd pst so the employee had two active at the same time and changed the delivery options to the new pst folder. When we sent a message, it should have been in the sent items of the new pst, but instead it went right back to the outbox of the old pst, and when the employee received mail, it went into the new pst like it was supposed to.

So then, I removed the old pst entirely and just had the new one there. That time, when I sent an e-mail, there was no record of it being sent even though it was sent to me and I received it. I also tried returning the e-mail to her and she received it in the new pst in her inbox.

Those were some strange results. It makes me think there is some setting that is tied in with the current pst they are using that is causing this. But why would they not even retain a copy of the e-mail with a new pst designated and the old one not even there.

This is driving me NUTS...:):)
If you want further help, I can give it.

But I must have the answer to these questions:

Are you using an exchange server?
Did you set up this PC with exchange server as one of the services?
Did you then create a profile for this user?

Did you try recreating the profile?
Did you run regserver?

When you go to Tools-Services, the VERY LEAST that should be in there is MS Exchange server. It's also nice to have the user's profile, but it's not necessary unless you want others to also be able to retrieve mail from this PC by using their own profile.

Regserver resets all of Outlook's settings.
There are other Outlook command-line switches that might apply here.

If you ARE on an exchange server, why are you worrying about the PSTs? If you ARE on an exchange server, sent emails don't go into the PST folder, they go into the Sent Items folder on the exchange server.

Everything under the heirarchy of Outlook today (Mailbox: Your name) is stored on the exchange server. All else is PST or OST files. Which ones are you talking about? Are you saying PST when you mean the exchange server account files that are stored on the exchange server?
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Are you using an exchange server? Yes
Did you set up this PC with exchange server as one of the services? yes
Did you then create a profile for this user? yes

Did you try recreating the profile? yes
Did you run regserver? Not yet, but will do this when I get access to the computer again.

Thank you so much for your help.....
You bet.

Hope you understand about the PST files. These are only created so people don't store all their jokes on the exchange server...LOL.

Seriously, PSTs (personal folder files) are created and stored (generally) on their hard drive or network drive, NOT on the exchange server. These are created by going to Tools-Services and adding Personal Folders as a service. They don't "send" or "receive" mail, but you can have stuff auto-moved to them using rules, etc. At HOME, everyone uses PSTs.

Frankly, I don't know what the files on the exchange server are called.

OSTs (offline folder files) are the ones that get created when people have laptops and want to synch their hard drive to the exchange server files. These are created by going to Tools-Synchronize...

If the person just appears to be missing all their emails, maybe there's a view to show only "unread mail". This is a pretty common mistake. Make sure advanced toolbar is showing and it says Messages (in the dropdown) and not Unread Messages. If you can't seem to get rid of it, you can try:

outlook.exe /cleanviews

There are tons others at:

Just looked up regserver.

To be more specific about it:

/Regserver re-registers the program (use in Word, Excel, and others) with Windows, which resets the settings.

You can run /unregserver to clean the registry, then run the /regserver to re-register them.
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Thanks for all the info! everything suggestted has worked in one way or another. I really do appreciate the oppotumiy to learn something new eeveryday...I will let you know how it goes!!!!!
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