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Proxy: pros and cons

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Hello Members,

Please, as I am trying to find out whether I should use some proxy, or not, I would like ask you which are the basic *pros and cons* about using proxies, and ask for some really good elementary pages on the subject.

Thanks a lot!
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What do you want to use a proxy for?
Thats it. Is it important to use them? I know they (do they, really?) hide my IP from being identified by the webpages I visit, but, is this really important? Why? Am I possibly being constantly watched or monitored in some pernicious way just by not being "behind" a proxy? Is it usefull in order to avoid any possible kind of attack or just stay defended from any kind of surveilance? However, does any of these (or other) kinds of possible proxies usefulness bring, in the other hand, any kind of problem I wouldn' t have if I didn´t use them?
Sorry for the english and thanks!
It very much depends on what pages or sites you visit And what activities you are indulging in. If you aren't going to dubious sites such as pron sites, or learning how to crack.. there isn't a great deal of need for a proxy IMHO
Thanks Puta! :))
That page is more for those who already are inside proxies, but I´ve got some clutches there...
Although I don´t know how they work, it is already obvious to me that there's a lot of hacking stuff inside many apparently innocent webpages, like hijacks, spywares and so on. Could a proxy keep me safe from these without any side effects?
Thanks but sorry: is it "no" a proxy cannot keep me safe; or "no" not without some side effects; or just "no" no side effects?
Sorry, a proxy will not protect you from hijacks or spyware.
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