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I've 2 questions regarding Proxy

1) I came across a site for free proxys here a list of
proxy ips and port nos. are given from different
countries. My question is what are these free proxy ips?
Do they belong to a particular host like mine or are
they freely available ips not used by any hosts?
(Please dont write about how proxys work)
When I am trying to use any of these proxys by putting them
in my Internet Properties>Connection>LAN Settings Im not
getting that output when I visit IP checking website.
Instead they show my ISPs IP address.Plz help.

Note: I am connecting to the internet from a standalone pc running XP

2)When I am trying to use proxy from Windows Live Messenger(Latest Version)
it says to use the HTTP proxy server and port using Internet Explorer.
Is there any way I can use the proxy in the messenger without using it in IE??
Plz Help.

Awaiting ur reply...
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Not open for further replies.