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Programs stopped working.. .lnk?

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Hi! I am going to explain the whole history to the problem...

I'm using Windows XP but wanted to dualboot with linux, so I started to download it and making my Pc ready for the install, I had to buy a new DVD player so I could read DVD disks ( my old one got broke)... Well Installed it and did some other stuff, did get some problem with the PC at the same time but worked it out with help from a friend. Anyway, after nearly 2 days working with getting all fixed I finally was done today morning. Turned my PC off and tonight I turned it on ready with all the stuff. Then I see that nearly all my desktop icons are "white" also are the ones in "all programs" And when I try to open any of them, programs,games or even my internet browser... (for example):

Windows cannot open this file:
Mozilla Firefox.lnk
Windows needs to know what program created it....etc
And then I can ofc choose to search the web or search the computer after the program...

So my question is, how to fix this? I really want to install linux and dont have my windows damaged :( MY friends says "reinstall whole windows" but I got so much important data on it so I dont want to.

I got 2 thoughts that maybe caused this damage...
1, Got virus on my Pc I belive, but my anti virus cant find it, it cant open allot of files.. (using NOD32, also ad-aware for spewers)
2, Got a program called CleanUp thats removes stuff like temporary internet files and such.. Maybe it damaged something else than that stuff...

Sorry for a long text just wanted to explain the problem exactly, and sorry for bad english :/ Still learning.
I'm very happy that I found this site, looks like u get fast and very good help :) Thnx in advance!
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