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Hey there

Not sure if this should be in virus removal or not, since there doesnt seem to be any visible evidence of malware.

My PC (windows xp sp3) has recently been acting up. It freezes when I click on programs to open. For example, I cannot access Firefox. I open the program, but the cursor just changes to a busy symbol. I can't even access task manager via CTRL-ALT-DEL. I have to just turn the computer directly off, as it stays like that indefinitely.

I am able to get into safe mode, where I can access more programs, and can even get on the internet.

But in normal mode, the desktop freezes when i click on most programs. CCleaner is fine; Firefox is not. AVG is fine; Winamp is not.

Im not receiving any malware popups, and nothing else seems unusual.

I recently installed cubase, but im not sure if that as the cause. I tried to restore my computer to a system restore point over a month ago, but the problem persists.

Avast antivirus scan turns up nothing; EmiSoft Anti-Malware found a couple things... I quarantined them, but still no luck.

It even freezes if i right click on the desktop. And whenever I click on a quick launch button on the task bar, it freezes. The cursor just goes to a busy sign indefinitely. Yet, the keyboard is not frozen: I can still, say, turn CAPS lock on and off, or hit the windows key.

I am unable to restart/shutdown my computer using Shut Down. I have to just hold the power button for five seconds until the PC turns off.

I am also able to transfer files over via USB, and could even burn files onto a DVD via Deep Burner.

Hope this information helps.

Thanks in advance!

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