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I'm having problems with a program (Robo Master) that is the interface for a paper cutting machine I recently purchased (CraftROBO). I think it's a vector drawing program and the files it saves are .gsd. This file type originated with Gold Disk's Professional Draw in the mid 1990's and there are no other programs around that use it.

When I open the program and go to File then Open and open a .gsd file (it's own proprietary file), within 10-20 seconds I get the message that "RMaster.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." The details have no modname or modver, but the offset is 01fc6f3c. There is quite a lot in the error report, but I have no idea how to interpret it...

The problem doens't repeat when doing other things within the program, only when opening the .gsd files.

I subscribe to a bunch of Yahoo groups that are centered around this machine and no one has posted a similar problem, but I'm going to post on all of them anyway and see if I get any replies.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful...

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