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just a quick quistion ...i was wondering why my profile would say 99. whatever % tech instead of a 100% ... just a ? ...any feed back please
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That brings up a question. Shouldn't that percentage be based on all posts less those in JUST Random? It is not a big deal, but you shouldn't drop percentage cause you post a site comment or question.
Originally posted by 700mb80min:
Percentages to me mean absolutely zip ..... you can read through a members response to other questions to determine what suggestion you should follow . I don`t believe there are too many who strive for a 100% tech rating .
I know that 700 and we have all debated that to death. Try to stay on our topic... ;)

And Rockn, I understand where Games might not be 100% technical, but I would think that a lot of the threads there ARE technical as in "How do I get this game to work with my piece of junk PC?" I don't frequent that forum unless I have a problem, so I might be wrong and they are asking how to play or talking about a new game.

I was just asking why a suggestion in this forum that solves technical issues on this site would subtract from one's technical percentage.

Then again, as 700 said, I too ignore the percentages and go with the quality of posts, not the quantity...
Cool... Like I said, I never use it any ways. Scutch2222 just brought up an interesting question.
Rockn, not that you need to know, but since you insinuated, I don't wear undies... ;)
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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