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processor upgrade?????????

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i have an amd athlon xp 2200+ colcked at 1795Mhz and i was wondering if it is possible just to take out your old processor and replace it with a new 1.

i hav a piece of software that tells me that my motherboadr can handle 2900Mhz. My motherboard is compaq with an nforce 1 chipset.

can any of u folks giv me some advice on this?
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What is the exact model # of your Compaq?

Chances are you can upgrade a bit. What the limit is will depend on the motherboard in the computer and if Compaq has maybe released any BIOS upgrades to support higher speed cpus.
its a compaq presario 6254ea.
the motherboard model is compaq 07D0h with an nvidia nforce chipset
Hmm..the specs on compaq's site doesn't say much about upgrading the CPU.
It does say you have a 266 front side bus. It probably can't go any faster than that knowing Compaq's PCs.

Try downloading Aida32 HERE and see what it says your motherboard is.

Maybe we can get more info from the original manufacturer.

If you can only do 266FSB than the best you could upgrade to would be a XP 2600. Not really that much of a difference.
yeh it says "effective clock 267Mhz" "real clock 133Mhz (DDR)" "Bandwidth 2133MB/S" "Bus Width 64Bit"

so wot do u think then?
I don't think it's worth upgrading to a 2600 in your case.
It won't be much of a change. I doubt you'd even notice. And since we're not sure if the new cpu would even work in there, I don't think it's worth the risk of frying your motherboard or the trouble of taking everything apart to try.

With only a 220watt power supply in that machine you won't be able to add many more things to it anyway.

Just save up your money and get a good Athlon 64 - 4000 system next year. ;)
lol ok thanks man, best play it safe

thanks for your help
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