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probs with netwrking a pc

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Hey all
I need a little help
I formated an ol pc with win98se ...128 Ram and a 10 gig HD
Trying my best to get it on my small home network and for the life of me it just wont connect.

I have been over and over this thing to the point of thinking it would make a good victim for the hydraulic press I have in the garage!!!
Anyway I installed a netgear 311 nic card and configured the network as I always do with netbeui and all ( I use ICS with a 5 port hub by the way) and all I get is page not displayed and all I see on the net is itself.
I have tried 4 different nic cards that I have and get the same result...I am obviously missing something here but what is the question? Im not a novis at this and always thought I was fairly good at this but this one has really got me scratchin the bald head quite a

thanks for any help
tired and frustrated!!!!
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Howdy grybeard22...

First off I'm not good with ICS, but the only thing I can think of at the moment, is make sure the workgroup names are the same...
thanks jedi
well I wish it was as simple as that been there and done that and that didnt do it
LOL sometimes I wish that too...

Can you ping other pc's by name and IP address ?

Also can you ping from the problem pc ?
nope nada .....Kapute! not a thing....its like as if the nic card isnt working at all althou it has the green light and the hub also indicates that there is a connection made....its a real stumper

Interesting is the local loop back of the card, have you tried to move the card to a different slot on the motherboard, so it will grab a different IRQ ?
now hey thats an idea that I hadnt thought of .....god I hate getting old!! wears out the brain just
Anyway I will give that a try in the AM ....thanks for the help
god I hate getting old!! wears out the brain just
Hey my friend getting there myself ( my beard is getting grey too ;) :D, and my head is almost bald... ), let us know what you find...
lol well now I dont feel so bad!! ya i will and thanks for the assist
Hey no problem...

Also maybe in the AM someone can offer better suggestions, like I said I'm not good with ICS ;)...
well gang just for the latest update ....
Jedi and I hashed this out last nite for no joy at all ....I did change the slot for the nic this mornin but....sigh...still no I like joy makes me happy!!!

Now this has become a challenge!...anyone up for a challenge today? ( hey watch someone come in here and solve this right away)
I have to laugh at this ...its so frustrating....and prolly so simple!
I would uninstall networking and reinstall it all again firstly.

What about firewall issues?
Hi eurodat
well im glad that someone else thinks as I do!
Thats a real good suggestion with one exception....been there and also done that about 3 different times! ....not running a firewall at this time.

when I do the "CRASH TEST" Ill post a pic.....rofl.....I'm told that AMD's dont land softly!!!!
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