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problems with usb

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on boot my ali PCU to usb open host controller shows as a problem in device manager, if i want to get my scanner to work i have to uninstall the ali pci to usb and then do a scan for h/w, it then picks it up as well as a USB root hub and goes on to detect my scanner

however on a reboot all is lost and to use the scanner i have to go through all this again

any one got any ideas

i am running w2k pro sp 3 on an AMD K6 2- 500 MHZ 128 mb ram
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Well, all that ALI seems to have in the way of suggestions is to make sure that you have the USB function enabled in your BIOS.

Here's a link to a general troubleshooting page on ALI USB controllers:

Don't know if you've already checked this out, but it might help.

Good Luck

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thanks lots of good reading here. mever had all this hassle when he was plain old cassius clay !!
One thing to do is to unplug the scanner, uninstall the USB in Device Manager, and reboot. The system will detect the USB motherboard hardware, let it get all finished, and after everything is detected and stable, reboot one more time. Only after that do you connect the USB devices to the machine.
i amfraid that doesn't work. it is very strange, i remove the ali to pci useb adaptor, reboot, it finds it but asks for a reboot before it's functional ( i can line with that) however on reboot it still shoes the error ( exclamation mark )

so i remove it and do a h/w scan and it drops in fine then gets the drivers for itself and the root hub no problemo, but it just won't keep the setting on reboot :mad: :mad: :mad:
The only other idea I have is to remove the USB hub, reboot and enter BIOS setup. Set the USB hub to disabled and continue the boot. Then reboot and put it back. It sounds like either the registry entries are corrupted, or your MB USB is broken.

You could consider a $15 USB 2.0 board and disable the MB USB, works the same, and you'd also have high speed USB. :)
this is an internal usb, do you mean take out an internal card ?
Sorry, I mean when you reboot, it'll be discovered again. FWIW, when it asks you to reboot after making a change, and you want to make another change or two, you can say no or cancel.
no this does not seem to work, it discovers the usb and says there is a prolem, when i remove it it then finds it ok ( plug and play), then it finds the scanner ok. it just will not keep the information

bye the way have you seen this definition of drag and drop

Drag and Drop

or :

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ok i have solved this, in the bios there is an option for enabling legacy usb support i have disabled this and all is fine now. This legacy usb refers to mice and keyboards only ( i think) and therefore can be disabled ( maybe i enabled it at some time in the past ? )
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