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Problems with new GFX Card

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I have just bought a NVIDIA 7950 GT and have received an error saying that my computer is underclocking and that the video card has been put to its minimum settings.
Please can anyone help me?:confused:
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I had to remove one out of my DVD Drive and used the other spare one. I then pluged them into the adapter and plugged that into the GFX card.

Misread question, yes I have it connected
Brand: COLO(then like a back to front F) then a strange S
Watts: 500
ive lost you on the 'You are not using a 20pin ps with an adapter to 24pin are you?' bit.

I think it could say COLORS
And I think this is the model

Product Description: COLORSit 500U Golden-Silent - power supply - 500 Watt

Device Type: Power supply

Form Factor: Internal

Specification Compliance: ATX12V

Power Provided: 500 Watt

Output Connector(s): 4 PIN internal power, 4 PIN mini-power connector, power 4 pin ATX12V connector, 15 pin Serial ATA power, 6 pin PCI Express power, power 24 pin ATX with detachable 4 pin section

Stockcode: PSUCOL500

Manufacturer: Colors IT

Last Updated: 06/11/2006 16:43:56

Manufacturer Code: PSU500COLGOLDSILENT
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What specs doyou recommend I go for?
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