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Problems with new GFX Card

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I have just bought a NVIDIA 7950 GT and have received an error saying that my computer is underclocking and that the video card has been put to its minimum settings.
Please can anyone help me?:confused:
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This is often due to a power supply that does not have enough power.

Do you have the extra power connector connected to the card?
What is the brand and wattage of your power supply?
I have never heard of that ps nor can I find any information on it. Most of the hardware problems you find with high end video cards are caused by low quality power supplies. I would test a quality unit ie antec, enermax, coolmax, or sparkle / fortron of at least 500W with a min of 30amp on the combined 12V rails.

You are not using a 20pin ps with an adapter to 24pin are you?
They do not even publish specs on what that ps puts out ie what amps on what rail.
I would really go with a quality unit ie antec, enermax, coolmax or sparkle / fortron. With something like that and a high end video card, you are asking for problems.
As posted in post #6, a min of 30amps on the 12V; preferably 35amp or more. Note most modern ps have dual 12V; you add the two together to get the total amps. As an example you might see 12V1 @18amp and 12V2 @18amp for a total of 36 amp on the 12V rail.

BTW the 12V is what powers most things in a modern system including your vid card.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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