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I'm really very sorry to make this post since I can't be more precise with the problem. But, I can't seem to get any sound out of my PC and I'm really at a loss to know how to fix it.

I bought this PC from a fairly reputable store in downtown Toronto about a year ago. Let me first tell you the PC's specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300, nVidia 9800GT 512MB DDR3, 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 800, 500GB HDD SATA, 18X DVD-Writer :RTGS001359.

I am really very sorry. But I don't know hardly very much at all about hardware and drivers and installing drivers. I have always worked with software and I guess I'm just out of touch with hardware.

When I bought this PC, it came with two driver CDs. The first CD is labelled FOXCONN and has a web address on the CD of: I'm guessing this first CD is the hardware driver and includes the sound drivers. The second CD seems to be for my video card. It is labelled Nvidia GEForce. For some reason, I do recall that there were some sound installation routines on this second CD as well as the first. Does that make any sense? Could it be possible that the Sourd drivers actually do exist on both CDs?

Anyway, I bought this PC about a year ago and I recall that when I originally did the driver installation, I had to install them both twice.

The hardware installation consisted of three components and it offered me the choice of installing all three at one time - or installing them each - one at a time. I chose to install them all at once. Unfortunately, when the Sound drivers installation completed, I do recall that I got some kind of nasty error message saying the driver installation did not terminate successfully. So, I reinstalled both sets of drivers once more but this time, I did the Hardware installation - one step at a time and the install seemed to work fine and after it finished, the sound was working perfectly. And it continued to work perfectly for about 9 months.

But, then I recently had to re-install XP (SP2) and my sound no longer worked. I really dread trying to re-install those drivers once more.

Can anyone make some suggestions as to what I could try before trying to re-install the hardware drivers? My HD is full of software that is very important to me and I'd hate to lose any of it. I did make backups of it all. But I'd still hate to have to deal with all that software if some of it goes bad.

I recall this kind of thing once happened to me a long time ago with a different PC. The cause at that time was that there was an incorrect setting in the Windows Control Panel Sound settings. It was something to do with Line In or Line Out. My speaker was somehow not connected properly - at least from the software perspective. I recall this had nothing to do with the hardware. It seemed to be strictly a software problem. The settings for the Windows Soound Applet's Line In or Line OUt configuration in the Windows configuration file in the sound settings was incorrect. But I'm sorry I can't remember any more details beyond that.

I do recall that I could not use my Cut and Paste tools to make a copy of the error message that was displayed after the driver installation terminated unsuccessfully. So, I don't know the error message or the error message number and I'm sorry about that. I also recall that quite a few "experts" kept advising me that I needed to make some change to my Windows Ctl Panel Sound Applet. But they couldn't tell me where I needed to make this change.

Anyway, after first buying this PC, I couldn't get any sound and I was advised to re-install the drivers. And, so I did and the sound was perfect.

However, I recently re-installed Windows XP SP2 and the sound disappeared. I tried to install the drivers again - but no help. I still have no sound.
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