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I was wondering if any body out there can shed any light on the small problem i have encountered, when i log onto the E-bay site on the home page, australian version, i seem to have lost the advertisements that used to appear, but now don't.

Also some of the pictures don't show and have a red cross in the top left hand corner.

This is my computer.

IBM 267 Series
AMD K6/2 MMX Processor with 3D Now
512KB L2 Pipeline Cache
64mb SDRAM Memory (100MHZ)
8 mb SGRAM Video
5GB Hard Drive
40 x Max Speed CD Rom
56.6K-V90 Fax Data Internet Modem
ATI Rage PRo 2X Turbo AGP Graphics (you now have voodoo card here though)

Windows '98'


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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