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Problems with Custom rig

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I recently built my first computer and I've been having problem after problem. I've had to replace my motherboard, video card, and HD. My current problem seems to be pretty serious:

A couple weeks ago I was playing Galaxies when the computer turned off and wouldn't come back on, I smelled burning plastic. I replaced the power supply but nothing happened. Whenever I pressed the power button all the fans would spin once, and then nothing. I attached a different HD to the computer and it worked, at least partially (it booted up but the drivers and windows version were too out of date). I then pulled the original HD out and replaced it. After putting the new HD in I tryed to turn it on and the same thing happened, fans spun once and I smelled burning plastic. Any idea on what I can do? At this point I would like the get a refund for teh whole damn thing, but I've had it too long.

here are my basic specs:

Mobo: Gigabyte 7vaxp ultra
CPU: AMD XP 2100+
HD: Western Digital ATA 100 80 GB
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burning smell is never good. what wattage was/is your power supply.
Check the case, make sure that nothing is touching the case, like the little pins on the motherboard, and try a different power supply if you can.

Try taking everything out of the case, and running it that way, with nothing inside the case.
umm, this might be simple...but on the power supply did you select 120 and not 200 something?
So if you put in a "different" HD & it actually booted, but then wouldn't again when you put the original back. I would really have to think the HD is gone.

Does the HD smell somewhat like the burning smell?
The HD does smell like smoke. After posting my original messege I tried to hook up an old HD again, but this time nothing happened. I'm not sure that the HD is causing the problem considering the one I put in was brand new, and the same thing happened to it.
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