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Hi guys,
Thanks for a great site. Sorry for the long post. I checked the "Low System Resources" post and either had the progs running or added them as listed below. Thanks Savvy, the info helped enormously.

My system was playing up and after checking I thought I may need to upgrade
I run Win98se, AOL Australia is my ISP
Upgraded from
P1/200mhz to P3 500mhz
16-256mg SD Ram
external to internal modem.
10g HD to 2x10g HD

After checking the 'Low System Resources" Post and added what I didn't have.
I run TClock as it gives me sys res and Ram information in Task bar.
I daily clear my cache, temporary file, and Internet cookies before I log off
I visit weekly to double check viruses
Run InnoculateIT Personal Edition registered and have AVG if it is more reliable than InnoculateIT PE
I removed Zone Labs and installed Sygate Personal Firewall as Zone Alarm was frustrating
Activated Sys Monitor to keep a log of what is going one but dont know how to utilise it.
Run Scan disk and Defrag weekly if I don't do a lot of work.
Installed FreeMemPro and MemZipper, and Cacheman- keeps my RAM from going to zero.
Program running in back ground are
AOL [if online], WinExplorer, FreMemPro, Cacheman, Rnaapps, Vetmsg9X. Offline no AOL.
In MSCONFIG the start menu has
TClock, FreeMemPro, CacheMan, Vet Alert, Vet Tray, Sygate.exe, and sygate.exe -startgui
Couldn't get to Http://

At the moment I have only been online and cleared my emails and replied, come to this site and my sys res are 65 and RAM 169 but I have only been online for 44 mins. If I am online for a few hours my sys resources drop to around 50% and I have difficulty accessing websites.
I have 50% sys resources even when not online, The progs I use are WPerfect for windows, play music with STP, no heavy duty programs, but after a few hours the same problem.
System very slow and need to reboot. So I am thinking I have a memory leak or maybe something else.

At the moment Resource meter show system 64%, User 64% and GDI 73%.
The CPU line in TClock is a little under a third way across and
The Ram line if about 1/3 across

What do I need to I activate in sys Monitor to find out the info I need and how do I read it to see if I can find the problem that way??
Thanks again,
Have found the sight helpful and very clear in the question and response

Have a great day everyone and God Bless

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go to START-RUN, type in MSCONFIG, click on the STARTUP tab and uncheck everything except system tray. you want to be off-line now since you've also unchecked your firewall. restart and see how much resources you're using. right-click MY COMPUTER and click PROPERTIES-PERFORMANCE tab. now add each item one at a time in STARTUP and see how much resources each uses. hope this helps. :p
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