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All of a sudden I am having problems hotsyncing my Palm iiixe with my computer. Actually no problem syncing the data - but I can't connect with Avantgo... The monitor says 'autodetecting network settings' and then freezes at 'syncing to'. Simultaneously the Palm screen freezes at 'synchronizing MBlnProfile.
Palm OS 3.5.3 with 5255k free memory. HotSync Manager version 3.5
IE browser version 6.0.28

I tried to uninstall the few programs on the Palm, but it won't hotsync to catch the fact that I've deleted them!!!

Anybody have any ideas? I do like to keep the NYT front page on the Palm, along with two joke sites that we like to read in the car. Other than that, you can see from the fact that I am using a Palm iixe that I'm not exactly trying to do a lot with the Palm. It does keep me from forgetting many things I'd otherwise forget, and is amazing for the amount of information that I can carry around...

Anyway, I digress. Any help would be much appreciated. I struck out at the Avantgo and Palm websites...

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