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Here is my network configuration:
1. 2 pc's running windows xp pro with recent patches
2. 1 pc running windows 98 se with recent patches
3. belkin cable router connected to a cable modem
4. Pc 1 has an inkjet printer connected to it and is shared
5. pc 2 has a laser printer connected to it and is shared
6. I've had these three pc's communicating in the past without any problems whatsoever.
7. I made sure that all three pc's are in the same workgroup and also on the same network and subnet.

I had to reinstall my operating system on one of my pc's on my home network. AFter reinstalling windows xp pro, I assumed that the only thing I had to do was just add the pc back into my workgroup. No such luck. I had to run the home networking wizard on it and still couldn't connect. So I decided to run the wizard on all three of my pc's and again no such luck.

On my two xp pc's, computer number 2 can ping number 1 but number 1 can't ping 2, however, I can share the printer that is connected on number 2 with number 1. However, number 1 can't access number 2's shared files folder (I made sure that drive sharing is enabled). What would cause this? THe next problem is that I can't ping pc number 3 from either 1 or 2 but I can see 3's shared folder from number 1! WHat would cause this? The other thing is that pc #3 cannot ping 1 or 2 and therefore I can't install the shared printer connected to 1 and 2.

Also when I use the Find computer, I can only find the pc that I'm searching from (i.e., if I"m on pc #1 it won't find #2 or #3 and viceversa). The exception is that I was able to find PC #2 from #1 when using the find computer by typing in the ip address. However, I can't do the same from the other pc's).

My main question is I've never had a problem like this before and I'm wondering what the heck is causing the problem. My first thought is that maybe the router is malfunctioning, but I want to make sure that I'm not missing something in the configuration before purchasing another router.

HELP!! :eek:
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