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This is a very long post, but don't worry, it's easy to read.

Some background information:

I bought a computer from IBuyPower (reserve your criticism please). Specfications:

Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 (2.4GHz)
Asus P5N-E SLI
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
2.00 GB of RAM

Since I received it, things have been going wrong.

(a) Upon delivery, the monitor and the computer wouldn't communicate. The monitor would go into power save mode. The problem was eventually fixed by moving one of the RAM sticks into another slot.
(b) The computer often wouldn't boot properly unless I inserted the disc they gave me that had Windows Vista on it. I believe this began happening after I put in my Windows XP Upgrade disc to see if I could install it. It froze at the first screen (motherboard screen) upon booting. I replaced it with the Windows Vista disc they gave me and it worked. This seems to somehow remedy the problem, and usually works when this occurs.
(c) Low framerates in games that someone with an almost identical computer (save for his preference of Windows XP) was getting beautiful performance in. Most notable was World of Warcraft.
(d) The computer does not offer to boot from CD when starting up if there is a disc inside. My old computer did this, so I thought this was common. I had to go into the BIOS and change the boot priority to CD-ROM in order to access the information on my Windows 2000 Professional disc.

My motivation to install Windows 2000 Professional and then uprade it to Windows XP was primarily poor gaming performance. Windows Vista wouldn't allow me to install W2KP over it while in Vista, so I went into the BIOS and changed the boot priority to CD-ROM, as I said.

This worked. It accessed the disc and the familiar blue screen from my days of reinstalling Windows XP a hundred times made me optimistic. I went through the motions. I pressed ENTER to set up Windows 2000. Then it asked me to select a partition. I selected the Unformatted or Damage partition, which I assume was the one Windows Vista was on.

Note: I had Windows Vista installed twice on this computer, installed via the aforementioned disc. I installed the second copy while in Vista. Upon booting, it would ask me which OS I wanted to use: Windows Vista or Windows Vista. The first one was the new one, the second the old one.

Anyway, I chose that partition. It said that I had to format it. Of course. This was familiar to me. So it did that. It took about a half hour to complete, and after it was done, I think it said it was going to scan my devices or something. I don't think it was installing the OS, because this process only took a few minutes. It went from 1% to 17% within thirty seconds or so.

But the problem was: the BIOS was going to boot from disc again. I remembered from when I used to do this all the time with Windows XP, that it would usually go into a setup screen; an actual, designed setup wizard that said Windows 2000 Professional, etc., not the primitive blue screen. At least, I think. So I stopped it from booting from disc and asked it to boot from the hard drive. I don't think this was correct. I started getting errors.

Then I said to myself: OK, it hasn't installed yet. It's formatted the partition and now I have to boot from disc and install it on the formatted partition. This seemed logical to me, but I think I did something wrong. The things that I did from this point are a bit blurry as I became more and more agitated. It was asking me to delete partitions to make new ones in the unpartitioned space and when I tried to make new ones in that space it would tell me the min/max size of the partition I could create was both zero. I would try other partitions and it would tell me those weren't able to be formatted, or other problems. It seemed I could install nowhere and I was afraid that I had deleted something crucial.

In my anger, I decided the computer was bricked. You can decide whether or not I'm right.

Now, today:

I'm going to give you all the information I can. I am currently at the blue screen that reads:

Welcome to Setup.

This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft (R) Windows 2000 (TM) to run on your computer.

- To set up Windows 2000 now, press ENTER.
- To repair a Windows 2000 installation, press R.
- To quit Setup without installing Windows 2000, press F3.
I press ENTER to continue. "Please wait..." appears at the bottom of the screen, then reads:
Examining 131068 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi...
This is foreign to me, but troubles me nonetheless.

Then it brings me to the EULA, which I press F8 to accept.

Okay. Here's where the trouble starts. Here is the screen I am looking at:

The following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer.

Use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys to select an item in the list.

- To set up Windows 2000 on the selected item, press ENTER.
- To create a partition in the unpartitioned space, press C.
- To delete the selected partition, press D.

131068 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi

-- Unformatted or Damage 82348 MB
Unpartitioned space 3 MB
Unpartitioned space 273631 MB
C: Unknown 265613 MB
First, I'm going to try to create a partition in the second Unpartioned space. I select it and press C.

The screen reads:

You asked Setup to create a new partition on 131068 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi.

- To create the new partition, enter a size below and press ENTER.
- To go back to the previous screen without creating the partition, press ESC.

The minimum size of the new partition is 0 megabytes (MB).
The maximum size of the new partition is 0 megabytes (MB).
Create partition of size (in MB): ___
I'm going to leave this alone for now. I've tried inputting a number before, but it was no use. Nothing worked. I go back.

Now I choose C: Unknown, the last choice. I press ENTER to set up Windows 2000 on this partition.

This screen comes up:

Windows 2000 Professional cannot recognize the partition you selected.

Setup cannot install Windows 2000 on this partition. However, you can go back to the previous screen, delete the partition, and then select the resulting unpartitioned space. Setup will then create a new partition on which you can install Windows 2000.
I believe I tried deleting this last night. I don't remember. I'm going to wait to try that again until one of you says it's OK. I press ENTER to return to the previous screen.

Now if I choose the Unformatted or damaged partition, it asks me if I want to format it. I say yes, and it gives me this:

Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged. Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated. Consult your computer manual or SCSI adapter documentation for more information.

You must select a different partition for Windows 2000. The continue, press ENTER.
This same message appears if I choose to set it up in the Unpartitioned space (the second, larger one; if I choose the smaller one it tells me it's too small).

This is about all the information I can give you. If you need anymore, just ask. I'll be around.

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