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Problems Installing Printer Driver

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I just bought an HP 840 DeskJet printer but although I have followed the manufacturer's instructions I just cannot successfully install the driver software. I don't think it is a problem with the actual software but some compatibility issue with my PC. I tried using the same CD to install it on my laptop, running the windows 98, and works fine. However when I try it on my PC it just gives the windows "Exclamation" sound, that is all that happens.
I already tried a downloaded version of the same driver from HP's site but that does not help. I also disabled the Norton Antivirus program.
My operating system is windows 98.
I need some help in identifying what is inhibiting the driver from installing on my PC.:confused:
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If a previous attempt for the printer install failed and a partial setup was completed you may have registry entries that are interferring. Also there is a known problem with the usb driver setup in Win98 and the fix for it is in the below HP article.
When you go to add/remove programs is the HP printer listed?
If it is use that for uninstall. If it is not listed and the only hp product on your system is the printer then you may have to manually go though the registry and find/delete all references to the hp printer. If you have other hp products or your whole system is hp you have a very tricky situation in the registry and at that time I would contact hp for help in correcting the problem.
Here is that Article explaining usb problems.

Also a common mistake people make is hooking up the printer before the hp software is installed. The software install prompts the user to connect the printer during the install.
Hi Dave, thanks for responding.
I didn't get the link to HP you said was in your response. I have been trying to get a response from HP bet they seem to be very slow, the automated response says they have a heavy backup of assistance requests. I am using parallel port not USB. Also, I did not see the programme in the install/uninstall. Incidentally, as you mentioned use of other HP product, in addition to my normal Asus CD-ROM drive I also have installed & running an HP cd-writer. I will keep checking for a response from HP though.
Thanks again.
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