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I have an adaptec 2940UW, 2 wide Cheetah drives & 1 narrow (Connor) - all SCSI.
I had Win95 running on Cheetah1(ID14). I had previously attempted to install Win2k on what
I'll call Cheetah2(ID0), partition1, dual booting with RH Linux on other partitions on Cheetah2.

That was not very successful on several accounts, so I proceeded to reinstall both
operating systems on a freshly repartitioned Cheetah2(ID0).

After (re)installation of Windows 2000 Professional on Cheetah2(ID0), I began looking for
the Ntldr,, Ntbootdd.sys, Boot.ini etc.
It was NOT on the Cheetah2 drive. Finally I discovered it on the Connor drive (ID2). During the Win2k
boot there is an option scrren of what to boot - Win2k pro or Windows, if I select win2k pro,
everything proceeds normally & the OS boots from Cheetah2; but if I select windows, I end up on
the Connor (ID2) & windows(95) starts but cannot complete. From there I can access Cheetah1,
but not Cheetah2. The failure to boot win95 doesn't bother me - I have working Win95 on Cheetah1,
which I can boot by altering the boot drive in the 2940 BIOS.

The problem is that in trying to alter the boot.ini & boot into RH linux, I run into problems that I
believe are related to Ntldr,, Ntbootdd.sys, Boot.ini etc. being on the WRONG drive.

Some years in the past the Connor drive was my boot drive (for win95) & I think on my first attempt at dual booting
Win2k & Linux on the Cheetah2, I may have copied Ntldr,... etc to the Connor as a backup, from where it
was on the Cheetah2 drive.

Soooo, why in the world did the installation of Win2k put it on the Connor (clearly from latest installation from the date), instead of on the Cheetah2?
how do I get it back onto the Cheetah2 & get the MBR to find it there?
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