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problems deleting windowns ME

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i have win Me and XP i made a clean install of win xp..

now i want to delete win me.... (i had win me first then i installed xp)

i dont know how to do that? can someone tell me how to do it (step by step)

please be honest to give a right form of deleting win me.. i dnot want to screw up my pc....

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Just boot with XP and delete the directory where ME is located.

For example, if XP is in C:\WINNT and ME is in C:\WINDOWS, delete the C:\WINDOWS directory.
If you had ME in a C:\windows directory and install XP on top of that in the same directory, I don't think there is much to delete.
Can you actually still boot to ME?

If you can , then XP and ME are installed in different directories and you can follow the instructions posted earlier

If you can't, then there is nothing to delete except maybe the entry in the boot.ini file.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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