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Problem with PSU (for Compaq SR1360)

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There have been a few times where a power cut has caused my PC to not switch on again, instead a blinking light appears on the back of the PC although I have managed to get it working again the few times this has happened.

However when working, i'll leave the PC to do something (e.g transfer files or sometimes nothing) and find it has switched off for no reason. This has happened quite a few times.

Another power cut and it seems difficult to get the PSU work this time (it just has a blinking green light)

I guess this means I need a new PSU? If so, any help/advice on which to get would be great as well as whether it's possible to replace it on my own or if I need to take it in anywhere.

- Compaq PSR1360
- Current PSU is a Bestac (atx 300 12z) 300W MAX
- Nvidia GeForce GT 630 Graphics Card 1GB
- 4Gb RAM
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This is more than one SR1360 model of the Compaq Presario desktop, so we need to determine which one you have.
What's the exact part/product number(P/N) on yours?

The "Bestec" ATX300 is a low-quality 300W power supply that comes in many HP/Compaq desktops.
Yours is several years old, so it's very possible its power supply needs to be replaced.

If you have power outages at your home on regular basis, you should invest in and use a battery-backup unit with your desktop.
I have one connected to each of my desktop systems.
If there's a power flicker or the power goes out for a few minutes, my desktops keep running without interruption.

Your video card requires a minimum of 300W; here is the spec sheet for the card.

I agree with the above; bestec is VERY low quality. In addition, bestec units very often cause other parts to fail [when the pw supply fails] It is common to take out the mb, ram, etc when a bestec fails.
Regardless of whether or not it is causing your current problem, I would highly advise you to install a quality pw supply. For that system, you can get by with something like a 500W corsair cx.
Currently you can purchase this unit for $37 or so after rebate.

Note the cx line from corsair is for basic builds only. Not for any gaming, or other stressful endeavor. If you intend on building a gaming system in the future, you might want to invest in a higher quality unit.
This is more than one SR1360 model of the Compaq
Your video card requires a minimum of 300W; here is the spec sheet for the card.
Sorry for the late reply! Thank you crjdriver & flavallee . I'll give the battery-backup unit some research as I had not heard of that before. Also not sure where to find the specific part number of my SR1360UK desktop but I've found more details about it:
- Windows XP 32, Intel Pentium 4 540 3.20GHz
- ASUSTeK Computer inc motherboard/PufferM

I had been looking at these few PSUs. I wouldn't really be using the PC for any major gaming except for maybe the odd game:

CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 Fixed ATX (£37)

CORSAIR Builder Series CX500 Fixed ATX (£48)
Evo Labs 500W (£25)
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