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Hi all,

A non-profit organization I am helping is having a problem recieving email on thier .org address..They have email setup with a ISP so they're not running a in house mail server. They also have the same address as a .com all registatred and what not..a few weeks ago everything was working great, now they can't get any email on thier .org email, but if I sent a email on .com they can get it (They are getting some SPAM). So if someone sent me a email like

[email protected] -- goes through
[email protected] -- does not go through

They originally had their domain and email set as a .com then after added the .org. So after they added the .org we had the ISP do whatever was needed to have the company start recieving there email as either .com or .org extensions.

Not it seems like the tie is broken between the two or the .com account is not forwarding it to the .org..

I used the ISP Website to log into a account on the web and seen that it was saying that the user is using 70% of thier capacity, yet there was 0 messages in the inbox?? In other workers that I have checked all the same problem, maybe a few spam and over 70 percent used. I'm guessing that's why they were recieving more SPAM than legitimate emails as the SPAM was coming in on the .com side and the business contacts were using the .org...

Everyone in the company is experiencing the same problem as there was no changes to anything and no SPAM filtering on any accounts..

I have contacted the ISP and had them look at it, but it's been about a week and nothing seems to have been done. I have just sent them a email and am awaiting a reply.

Is there anything that I can tell them so they can check? As I am unfamiliar with Web domains and stuff of that nature?

Thanks for any help!
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