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Problem with DirectX

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I'm a newbie, bear with me. I had borrowed a new game and downloaded the files from the game to play it. After the downloading was complete, I hit play and I was notified that my there was an error with DirectX. I found out that my version of DX was way behind, so I upgraded it from the Internet. My game is reading that DX doesn't exist .

Any information as to how to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.
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Im wondering if you uninstall the game then reinstall it would it detect the DirextX then?

Im not sure but I'd try it.

Savvy :)
Hi the1stew,

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Go to Start/run, and type Dxdiag.
What version of DirectX does it say it is?
Also take a look at all tabs, and see whether any errors are reported.
If all is OK, go to Control Pane/Software add-remove, and uninstall your game.
Reboot, and install it again.

Good luck!
Under DirectX files, there was a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside ( it was sitting next to a entry "".

In the Corrections box, it says that this file is a beta version which is unsupported and could cause problems. Reinstall DirectX latest version.

I did this, same problem occurring.
But if you do Dxdiag now, are any errors being reported on any of the tabs?

If not, it might be your game misbehaving.
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