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problem with CDR/RW

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hi folks

ok there is an issue with Winxp and CDr/Rw. upon installing certain programms the following error message display:

component transfer error, catastrophic failure"

i did a search on the net and there was few entries with this problem and no definite fix.

i attempted the following fixes ( was on phone with the client)

1) copy the contents t othe HD and run the installation from there : same error message

2) check for the DMA option ( his was set for DMA): same eror message.

this is the first time i ran across this problem. and while waiting on replies i will keep searching the net

thx a ton :)

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Can you name some specific programs that are giving these error messages?
Hi m'lady

the one programm that i am referring to is kohan Ahriman's gift
(RTS game)

I take it the person has only a CD writer and no CD-ROM. They are trying to install a certain program from CD and getting failures. No problems with other installs from the same burner?

I would guess the CD is scratched or defective if you are getting problems with only this game. Error correction varies greatly between readers.

Or perhaps the program(s) are not XP compatible. Are they new versions?
Hi slipe.

1) person has only a CDR/RW

i suspect it is something about this CDR/Rw and this game on XP. the Cd is fine, it works on other machines, other programs are fine and install and run properly.

i think it is a small glitch with win XP and CDr/RW regarding CERTAIN programs. my hope is trying to find what that glitch is. thx all for the feed back :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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