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Problem with Browser in Outlook Express

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No one has been able to resolve this problem . . . but that doesn't prevent me from putting it out there in this Forum.

My Internet server is @Home, which is a cable connection. My default browser is the @Home browser. When I log on, or go to a website, or click on a link in a website, the window that opens is the @Home browser window.

However . . . when I click on a link in e-mail (Outlook Express), the browser window that opens is Internet Explorer. I have checked my settings, and @Home is my default browser. Why doesn't it open when I click on a link in my e-mail?
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First go to tools>internet options>program tab>what is selected for email and what are the choices when you click the down arrow?
Hi Drogers,

Take a look at the following MS article: Internet Shortcuts in Outlook Express Don't Start Browser

Repairing Internet Explorer, if you have IE Repair available, will also often restore the correct file associations.

Good luck,
The choices for e-mail are Outlook Express and Hot Mail. Outlook Express is chosen.
In the same place, uncheck the box for internet explorer should check that it is the default browser.
Hi DoyceJ,

I'm afraid that one has to remain checked, if you want to make sure your OE hyperlinks continue to get opened with IE.

Drogers didn't tell us whether he already tried out the tips in the MS article.

I was under the impression that he didnt want OE links to open in IE, but in @Home instead.
What browser is @home using? Is it just a branded IE or Netscape or an AOL type?
You guys are right. I didn't read the question carefully enough.
Let's wait until Drogers anwers Del's question.

From their site but it is all they say.

Exclusive @Home browser
We've completely redesigned @Home's browser to give you convenient, one-click access to the information you want. Our exclusive all-in-one browser also includes a built-in search bar. And you can even personalize the look and layout of your start page—as well as the information you receive

What Web browsers does @Home support?
@Home supports the @Home custom browser. Based on Microsoft Internet Explorer, our custom browser is designed to be extremely user-friendly. The @Home software package also includes popular multimedia plug-ins and applications like QuickTime, RealPlayer, Flash, and Shockwave to help enhance your @Home experience.
Let's see . . . to answer your questions . . .

Tony, I have read the MS article, and made the modifications suggested; however, the problem wasn't corrected. Also, I "repaired" IE . . . no change.

Del, the @Home browser is based on Internet Explorer, but with its own design.

P.S. I'm a "she".
wow, never heard of IE residing in one Operating System as two distinct programs. Gotta guess it's the same browser, just one using @home's homepage and the other the msn or a different one.
All the way at the top of the window is the blue title bar, what do the two read? Are they the same or different? You can also look at the Help and About Internet Explorer to get the exact version numbers.
It could be as simple as opening both and setting the homepage the same.

PS, didn't refer to you as a guy, eh? If so, I am sorry..
I said he, my apologies.

It should be about the same as AOL then. They are integrated to internet explorer or just run a modified version. Did you uncheck the box I mentioned? Ma'am :).

BTW- The article that Tony posted should resolve the problem, the only thing you would have to do is come up with the long file name for @Home browser and place it where the article says to put IEexplorer. The other master minds would have to tell you how to get it though.
drogers said
However . . . when I click on a link in e-mail (Outlook Express), the browser window that opens is Internet Explorer. I have checked my settings, and @Home is my default browser. Why doesn't it open when I click on a link in my e-mail?
OutLook is utilizing a different starting page in your browser ao
Why don't you just ask the alternate IE to use the same homepage?

But wait... How do you even see the homepage if you have clicked on a link??

Savvy :confused:
Maybe reinstalling your browser would allow it to repair its file associations.
I know Iexplore does, when you upgrade or repair it.

Thank you all, for all your suggestions. Unfortuately, none of them helped, as I had already made all of the changes mentioned, including the long file name (which I knew). Guess I will give up on this one. I will just live with the IE browser when in e-mail, or do the "Copy shortcut/ Run/ Paste" method of opening the @Home browser.

FYI. . . even the @Home technical people haven't come up with a solution for this one.

Thanks, anyway, everyone!
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