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Problem with big games not old games may be driver problem or not

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Does anyone know why when I play big games the computer is slow and the screen moves chopping? It does not do it on old games only new games.

I was going to update the drivers on my video card but I cannot do that do I get this new router set up and working I don't want a conflict:eek:

The problem still could be the malware I had from before that JSntgRvr was helping me with , I had to stop troubleshooting that problem now because I got new router .
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I want to get this router set up before I do anything on the computer because I may run into some problems with the router .I have to ask some basic network questions first .

Well most of the network questions I got answers in the network section of this group but I still have some more questions .If JSntgRvr thinks it best to make sure all the malware is gone and everything else is working good I will do that than.

I don't understand troubleshooting and hardware enough so many times I do stuff that is not right.I really should make sure I know the basic hardware and basic operations first.
I have PM JSntgRvr but I don't see him here.

I have posted the make and model of the router in the networking section of this group.If JSntgRvr thinks I should set up the router first I will do it or if he thinks I should make sure all the malware is gone than I will do that first.

Setting up router ..

Problem with malware..
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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