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Problem to Ping vista

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I have a small network, since a week ago I am having problems to ping my Main desktop computer that is running Vista Ultimate from any of my computers. I have another Vista Ultimate desktop, one desktop Xp Pro. one laptop vista home premium and another laptop XP Pro. I was able to see the Main Comp. form all the other but not now. I have the windows firewall off, my mcaffe firewall off. Can some one bring me light to this. :mad: Thanks for your time
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Try unplugging the router/s for a few moments and then plug it back in. Then see, then reboot the main pc and check again after a few moments.
Not guaranteed to work, but it might.

Can all pc's access the internet?
Call all other PC's be pinged and ping each other without issue?
Can you ping any pc's from the main pc?
Thanks for your response
I did the router procedure, no luck

Yes, all computer are connected to the Internet.
Yes, All the other computer see each other and they can ping each other.
Yes I can ping all the computer from Main and able to connect remote to each one from main
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