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problem installing Win2K with SATA drive

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I'm trying to install Win2K on a machine with a SATA drive.
As per instructions, I pressed F6 during the setup,
then pressed "S" when offer the opportunity to load
additional drivers. At that point I receive the following

An unexpected error (0) occurred at
line 962 in D:\nt\private\ntos\boot\setup\oemdisk.c.
Press any key to cancel

I have a floppy drive with the proper drivers, but it appears
as if setup is not even looking at the floppy (the error appears
immediately after I press "S").

Browsing the internet, I did see a problem with using
an LS-120, but I am using a plain old floppy drive, nothing fancy,
and the bios appears to confirm that.


-- Jeff
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um, never mind (it helps if the floppy is plugged in)
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