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problem downloading wow

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i've been downloading the starter version of wow ( world of warcraft) for the past 2 days. it is going soooo slow and i need to know how to speed it up. my os is windows 7. i"ve watched a few videos and can't do exactly what the videos tell me to. please help. one video told me to open up run and type in gpedit.msc and when i tried typing that in it said it couldn't be found. thank you for your help
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gpedit probably has nothing to do with it?
Do a speedtest and tell us your internet connection speed and wow download speed
Dm1try, we don't condone the use of torrents here at TSG. May want to re-read the rules page at I've edited your post accordingly.


Yep. I was going to say something about that.

great minds.......;)
Just to stay on the safe side here, Skype is another P2P application, do you have issues with skype conversations ?
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