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This problem probably occured while trying to establish a Internet Connection Service (ICS) beteen a Desktop running WIN XP Pro and a laptop running WIN2K in the last few days, but I'm not entirely sure.

This problem pertains to the C:\Documents and Settings\DC\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files folder

There are currently 9 files within this folder. Right clicking any of the nine files to view
it's properties, indicates;

Expires: None
Last Modified: None
Last Accessed: 6/9/2007 10:56 AM

I CANNOT delete any of the nine files.
If I try to delete one nothing happens. No deletion or error message.

All nine of the files show an "Internet Address of "hcp://system/....." with various
extensions .xml, .htm, ,css, .bmp

If I look at the properties of the "Temporary Internet Files" folder

It indicates;

Size 5.28 MB
Size on Disk 6.82 MB
Contains: 648 Files, 5 Folders

It also indicates that the folder is read only and cannot "check" the "Hidden" box. (grayed out)

If I try to Delete the folder I get a error message indicating it is a Windows system folder
and cannot be deleted. It also cannot be renamed.

If I go into CLI mode and go to the "Local Settings" directory and do a "dir" command.

The result is that the "Temporary Internet Files" directory is not listed.

The only directories listed are "Application Data", Apps", & "Temp".

I have tried to delete the files in Safe Mode without success.

Thanks for any help in resolving this problem.



Cleared IE History :eek:
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