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Problem connecting with "ScreenConnect"

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Hi, I work for an MSP and I'm attempting to help a user with a question they emailed me.
They informed me that whenever they try to use ScreenConnect when sharing their screen with a vendor it doesn't work, therefore they have to use teamviewer.

The only information I have about their machine at the moment is that it's - Win 7 64 BIT

I am just looking for some troubleshooting suggestions so I am better prepared when I am scheduled to follow up with this user next week.

I'm going to check the following things:
- Windows firewall settings
- Possibly check to see if Java is running or needs an update
- See if the AV is blocking anything
- Checking the UAC settings

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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That's a pretty vague description of the problem. Doesn't work how? How far does it get?

Depending on those answers is where you will want to look.

Based on what little I know about ScreenConnect you may want to look at firewalls, either on the PC itself or the router/firewall. Ports 8040 and 8041 need to be allowed through.

And it still uses Java? Many companies have blocked Java from their systems due to the security issues that continually plague it.
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