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Prisma02.sys BSOD!

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I've had this trouble before but now it keeps coming back. I'll be listening to music on the internet and then suddenly it will repeat a bit and then flash up with the BSOD. It's really annoying me, I've contacted orange before but I had no reply and I don't know where to look.

I'm looking to do a reboot in a few days but I just want to clarify how to fix this in case it comes up in the future.

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Usb - I'm using an Inventel adaptor model number UR054g V1.1
I downloaded from here:

But I don't know where to put the prisma02.sys file.
copy it and paste it in drivers.
and reboot.

or search for the file and replace the orign
i have a liver test in my local pub to attend so good luck.
I've formatted my pc and it's still saying the same thing.

Other PC's i have installed the software on don't have this problem
is it one of those mobile modem?
if so you'll have to flash the software on it.
cant really remember all the details.
What d'you mean mobile modem?
I've got a USB adaptor which plugs into my pc and connects to my router through there. It's an Orange Invetel Wireless adaptor.
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