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Printing Mail Contacts/Exporting to Yahoo Mail

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I want to print a list of my Mail contacts, including their addresses, so that I can add them to Yahoo Mail. I have done what Help tells me to do but I only get a list of names (e.g. John.............. (None)). I didn't have any trouble doing this in Outlook Express and I am guessing that I'm missing a simple step.

Ideally I would like to simply import my Contacts to Yahoo Mail so that when I'm overseas in a few weeks I can use Yahoo to mail people.
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When you import the contacts, they should be inclusive of the addresses, phone numbers etc if that info is in the Outlook/ OE contacts. In not, export your addy book using the Windows comma seperated values option, then using Yahoo Mail - import that file.
Find a contact that has all of or most of the items you want printed. Select (highlight) it, and select print. Make sure that the option is "Memo" style as all others will not include ALL data.

If this works, then you can print out all or just a selected few.
I have had no luck with any of this. Yahoo won't let me import contacts from my ISP and I can't find any option to import a .csv file. I would be happy enough to be able to print my Contacts from Windows Mail and enter them into Yahoo manually, however as I have described above what prints out is just a list of Contact names and no e-mail addresses.
I just tried several on my Vista machine as I stated the process in post number 3 above, and ALL data was printed out.
I am using a HP Laser 2100 printer.

Make sure the data that you want to be printed is in the contact, it may not have been imported from IE
What email program are you trying to import from?
I am trying to export my contacts from Windows Mail to Yahoo Mail. I realise this part of my question may belong on a Yahoo Mail forum, however I would be happy enough just being able to print a list of my Windows Mail contacts and their e-mail addresses so that I could enter them in Yahoo Mail manually.

When I follow Help's instructions to do this, I just get a list of contact names without the addresses. As I may have written earlier, I never had any trouble printing the full details of my Address Book when I was using XP,
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