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Printer problems on home network

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I recently connected my desktop to my company laptop using a 2Wire 'HomePortal' router. I have an inkjet printer (HP 612C)connected to the desktop. I've been trying to print to it from my laptop, but am unable to.

My desktop has Win 98 and the laptop has XP. I can see the desktop from my laptop, can transfer files, etc. without any problems. So I'm assuming the setup is okay.

On my laptop, I have added my printer as a network printer. That process went smoothly, and the printer does appear as 'Ready' in the laptop 'Settings > Printer' window.

However I'm unable to print from the laptop. When I try to print a test page, I get the error 'Test Page failed to print. Unable to create print job'. Trying to print from MS Word, I get 'A startdocprinter call was not issued'.

What could have gone wrong?

I can print from my desktop without any problems.

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Go to the link above and install netbeui protocol on the xp machine. Then check the 98 machine and make sure netbeui is enabled. Should fix the problem.:) Double check that the sharing of the printer is enabled. ;)

Welcome to TSG,sorry it took so long for someone to respond.
Have you set a share on the printer and have you installed the XP drivers for it?
I had the same problem with mine, so if the above does not work try uninstalling the printer, reboot and let the XP find it and reinstall it. that was the solution I used
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