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Printer problem

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My Epson Stylus 740 printer was working fine until today, when I started to print an email I had received. The printer box came up and it showed that it was printing, with the little blue line going across the box, except that it was not printing. Then it printed out a bunch of gobbledygook that looks like Greek. It just kept running paper thru and printing a line or two if that stuff on each page. I finally took the paper out so it would stop.What is wrong and how do I fix it?
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Have you tried printing a test-page? Were you successful?
If you can print a test page, then I would recommend trying to print a different e-mail. It is possible that the problem stems from the particular e-mail that you were trying to print.
If you cannot print a test-page, then I would try removing the printer, then re-installing it.

Good Luck, and post back with results.

Columbo :)
I dont know what OS you are running but, try Start>Settings>Printers, double click the printer icon, highlight and delete any pending print jobs, reboot and try to print again.
If the job wont delete, reboot.
I have Windows 98. I deleted any previous print jobs, rebooted, and it still would not print. I also tried to print something different, a letter from Wordpad. It says it is processing, but the printer is not working at all. Should I go ahead and uninstall the printer and reinstall it?
I think that would be a good idea.
It'll probably fix your problem.

I've had this happening to my Stylus Color 740 once, and it solved it.

Good luck,
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