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During an attempt to download an Adobe file from a remote site, I got the following message. I still have it on my screen, even after shutting down both the PC and the printer. It does not prevent running other programs, but it is a little annoying.
"Printed error
attempt to index field 'main' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
0: function 'fileMatchFn at line 301 {file 'C\Windows\TEMP\main_2336.TMP']
1: function ,383:file 'C\WINDOWS\TEMP\main_2336.TMP'>at line 553"

I'm running Win98SE on a homebrew ASRock board with a 2400 Sempron + and 512Meg RAM. The printer is on a USB port.

I have not reloaded Win98; hoping that will not be necessary.

If I click OK on the message block, it will go away, sometimes for a second or two, then pop back up.

By the way, the printer works fine, and the system has no other known problems. Norton System Works 2005 WinDoctor came back with nothing. :confused:

Any ideas??
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