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Print Shop 11 Installation Woes

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Have requested help from Broderbund, but thought I'd check here as well... :)

Installation of Print Shop (PS) REQUIRES :( installation of Internet Explorer. When installing from PS CD, IE installation aborts indicating programs are running, please shut down. Attempted installation from copy of IE we have on network and also would not install.

Why? What do I look for? What might keep IE from installing regardless of source? IE has never been installed on this PC as I thought maybe some residule files had been left behind.

Would like to install PS without IE, but Autorun on CD will not allow and unable to locate other executable that might accomplish this.
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It will probably check for IE whether you run it directly from setup or not. Just shut down all the programs running in the background and try to install again. Do an alt+ctrl+del and do an end task on all apps except Explorer and systray.
I guess I should have mentioned I tried that :)
I also ran RegClean
I will also mention that I am attempting this install over a remote connection, but user gets same error when she attempts without me being connected.

Very frustrating :(
Might be the dial up connection causing the problem. Find a copy of AOHELL...there is a copy of IE on there. Is she sure everything is stopped when trying to install IE?
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